May 15, 2023

Ep. 56 - Making Data Driven Decisions with Michael Boston

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What can truly set you apart as a business owner and thought leader in your industry? We've covered it often on the show but there's nobody better to have on as a guest to explain it than Michael Boston! Not only does he currently own TWO demo companies, he also runs an HVAC business so he must be doing something right! 

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Listen in as industry experts Andy Weins of Green Up Solutions and Casey 'Bubba' Lawrence of Demo Worx break it down for you.

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Michael BostonProfile Photo

Michael Boston


Good morning. First I want to start by saying your podcast has been great to listen to and one of the few resources that I have been able to find in the demolition/deconstruction industry. I recently found your podcast and have been listening ever since.

I currently own and operate 2 demolition businesses located in Bozeman MT. I started Jobsite Solutions with a family member to support my HVAC business doing duct cleaning and mold mitigation. a long story short a friend of mine who is a GC and I were at dinner one night and he began to tell me about a remodel project that he had and how he hired this demolition company to gut the interior of this mansion and remove exterior stone and siding and they were not performing and they promised 10 guys and only had 4 and he was behind schedule. We began to talk and he told me what he had in his budget and on the spot I told him I could provide 10 guys by Monday 5 days later if he would pay me that amount of money instead. He jumped on the offer and I produced the 10 guys and that is how we started our demolition business. we had never done it before but we had a good construction background and we absolutely killed it for him and for us. This was the end of 2022. Still not knowing shit about the demoltion business we were asked to work on a Costco remodel. This was our second project. the scope was over $700k and we removed nearly 900 tons of concrete from this project. After this I knew demolition was the new business that I wanted to be in moving forward. Since 2022 we grew from around 250k per year to 1.6 million last year. I also acquired another demo business which was the only competitor I had in the area and most of the state. With this addition and new lead generation and name branding we are on track to do well over 2 million this year. I am currently trying to expand into the northern Idaho and western Washington market (Spokane WA & Coeur D' Alene ID). I just completed my first demolition project in Idaho and looking to kick off a full new office in the next 6 months or less. I have lots of questions about your experiences and thoughts about the demolition business, how to get into junk removal and if it is worth the effort or focus strictly on the demo side. Junk removal is much more popular in the Spokane area but this is an area that I know nothing about. I think that we have a great story as to how we formed and how this 7 year journey has taken us to the most profitable business I have ever owned. As I mentioned I also own an HVAC company out of Bozeman MT called Comfort Systems of MT. we have an annual sales of between 7-8 million and I can say without a doubt that the profits are double in the demolition business with nearly ZERO headaches, no dealing with upset customers, no warranty and everybody is happy to see you because nobody wants to do this hard dirty work. Contractors and homeowners LOVE us!!

As I mentioned I have had an extremely hard time finding any resources about demolition, especially selective demolition which is what we primarily focus on but will do complete tear downs as well. I would be very interested to speak to you guys about your demo experience and pick your brains on how to expand and where to find training. I would be willing to fly out and meet you in person and look at your operations to see what another business looks and feels like because honestly I cant find many businesses like mine to replicate from.