May 8, 2023

Ep. 55 - How To Do Networking Right with Travis Johnson

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When it comes to networking as a business owner, what do we all tend to do? Stand around awkwardly and sweat all over our business cards, right? When we do get a connection, are we quick to go right for the sale or do we take the time to build up the value in the connection that will pay dividends down the road? Today on the show we have Travis Johnson, Podcasting Titan and Veteran, to show us how to properly navigate these waters. Like we often say, its not WHAT we know, it's WHO we know that'll get the needle moving. Hop in!

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Listen in as industry experts Andy Weins of Green Up Solutions and Casey 'Bubba' Lawrence of Demo Worx break it down for you.

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Travis JohnsonProfile Photo

Travis Johnson


Travis Started life with 36 moves, 12 schools, 6 states, 5 different foster homes, surviving 2 murder attempts, and being homeless. Now he's a retired Naval Officer and Top Rated Podcast host speaking on his journey from trauma to triumph.

Travis has built several award-winning and record-breaking podcasts such as the Titan Evolution Podcast and Nonprofit Architect Podcast as a seasoned Podcaster and business professional. His podcasts have 150k+ downloads and have featured national guests such as Bob Burg, Steve Sims, Reggie Walker, David Carter, and Jen Welter. His clients include a Top 1% Global podcast.

Travis loves sharing his story, being a mentor, and sharing the secrets to leverage podcasting to grow your business. He’s been featured at events around the world including the Military Influencer Conference, Podfest, Veteran Podcast Awards, and Miss Crossroads Oklahoma. He has been featured in various media outlets such as Marquis Who’s Who in America 2024, Podcast Magazine (Top Veteran Podcasts), and Feedspot (Top Nonprofit Podcasts). He frequents public speaking as a leading subject matter expert, sharing his talents of storytelling, rough childhood, and podcast production with his audiences.

Travis’s primary company, Podcast Titan, is the art of launching, producing, and supporting podcasters on their journey to success. Travis and his team help with everything from production to marketing, and engineering. Travis also is the only professional podcaster with an accredited podcast course.

Travis loves helping podcasters reach the next level through education, podcast production, and mentorship. He enjoys great conversations and even better stories.

He currently resides in Oklahoma City with his wife and children. He spends his spare time mentoring, building real connections, traveling, playing golf, and performing improv.

Podcast Stats

Titan Evolution Podcast has 50k+ downloads, ranked in the Top 5% Globally.

Nonprofit Architect Podcast (no longer in production) has 100k+ downloads, ranked in the Top 5% Globally in previously ranked #4 in the US and top 10 in 10 countries.

His courses are available at the Forbes School of Business and Technology, the University of San Diego, Bellhaven University, and online for those not enrolled at these universities.